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16th February 2018

The SPEDU region is home to the Tuli block where large scale horticultural production, livestock and game farming are practised. This region contributes abouSelibe Phikwe: On Thursday 15th February 2017, SPEDU met with stakeholders at Syringa Lodge from 0900hours. The event is a collaboration between the the company and Selebi Phikwe Town Council. The forum was well attended by the local authority and other key stakeholders such as LEA, CEDA, BPC, The BCL liquidator, relevant business communities and industry captains. The purpose of the engagement is to give an update on the status of all the projects and activites and milestones achieved by SPEDU.

Speaking at the briefing forum, the Chief Executive Officer, Dr Mokubung Mokubung remarked, “SPEDU has embarked on economic diversification in the region, in order to open up for more business investments. Our mandate is to diversify the economy by developing sectors that will contribute meaningfully to Gross Domestic Product (GDP). To achieve this we have identified four strategic economic focal areas that we are working on which are; manufacturing, tourism, infrastructure development and agri-business. We believe that there are a plethora of untapped opportunities beyond mining, beyond diamonds and we purely exist as enablers of this diversification. The projects that we are participating in are part of our quest in leading economic transformation. SPEDU also exists to contribute significantly to the long-term economic aspirations of the country, in order to position Botswana as the economic and touristic hub in the Southern Africa region, as the Botswana vision 2036 explains.”

Engaging with the Corporate Communications manager, Shiellah Moribame, she stated that the updates features that currently SPEDU is involved in fifteen projects covering twelve citizen owned companies in Information Technology, Services and Manufacturing, three Government projects and two (2) foreign- owned in Agriculture sector. The total investment value from companies is estimated at P1.185 Billion, with P997.4 Million from own investment, P150 Million invested so far, P57.6 Million to be financed by CEDA and BDC as well as P130 Million from Government funded projects.

Moribame stated that as part of its mandate SPEDU is mandated to facilitate Employment creation, currently the targeted cumulative employment creation anticipated from all these projects is estimated to be 6,856 in the next 36 months. To date, 673 jobs have been created against a target of 1150 in the first 12 months.”

We assure stakeholders from all the activities scheduled for 2017/18, to further stimulate the economy in the SPEDU region, across all sectors were hosted and the pipeline activities are looking very prosperous. The town of Selibe-Phikwe would be buzzing with excitement as SPEDU had also successfully lobbied for the MITI parastatal games to be held there. The games are slated for the 1st-3rd June 2018.

“We will continue to work around the clock to ensure the timely delivery and support to the government, investors and the community. Allow me to end off by saying; the true measure of our success will be the number of people touched and transformed by our success.”

The SPEDU agency continues to strive to add value to the economic sector and lead economic transformation.

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