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    + (267)261 3245
  • Main Office P/Bag 33 Selebi-Phikwe

  • PLot 12384, Unit 2

    Meriting Industrial Cluster




Facilitate and promote investment opportunities through optimal utilization of resources and, implement economic diversification projects that benefit communities and stakeholders in the SPEDU region, through a high performing workforce.


To be a globally competitive region with sustained economic diversification and growth.


  • Outcome Driven

    • We deliver impactful results thinking with the end in mind.
    • We are proactive and act urgently to evolving requirements.
    • Commitment to timely delivery.
    • Innovative, initiative and thinking ahead of the curve.

  • Customer Focused

    • Our customers are our reason for being.
    • We put our customer's needs first.
    • We build long term relationships with our customers.
    • We commit to ensuring customer satisfaction and acting on their feedback.

  • Accountability

    • Taking responsibility for one’s actions.
    • We keep track of our commitments, planning, learning and giving feedback.
    • Meeting expectations with quality..
    • Efficiently delivering on actions and use of resources.

  • Teamwork

    • Taking part in a collective effort.
    • Cooperative effort to achieving a common goal.
    • Complying readily with requests and communicating in a clear and meaningful way.
    • Respect for individual contribution and acting voluntarily to meeting common goals.

  • Ethical Conduct

    • Stewardship - we actively protect the environment and optimally utilise resources.
    • Consistently act with integrity and fairness, being honest, exemplary and supportive in line with company policies.
    • Confidentiality - refraining from disclosing information without consent.
    • Trustworthiness and openness - being reliable, truthful, acting transparent and consistently.