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The Agribusiness Division facilitates implementation of strategic projects and initiatives within the sector of Agriculture in the SPEDU Region.

Key Performance Indicators

Key Performance Indicators of the Agribusiness Division includes:

  • No of Self-Sustaining Enterprises Established;
  • No of Jobs Created;
  • Increased Investment Value;
  • Client Retention Rate;
  • Area of Serviced Land and Value of Infrastructure Projects;
  • Utilisation Rate of Land and Infrastructure projects;
  • Percentage No of Projects Implemented within Triple Constraints of the Project (Scope, Cost and Time;
  • Percentage Adoption of Documented Stakeholder Engagement Processes;
  • No of Initiatives Developed and Implemented;

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Facilitates for special dispensations and conducive environment for ease of doing business in Agribusiness in the SPEDU Region (e.g. access to Incentive schemes and One-Stop Service Centre);
  • Verifies agricultural business proposals for possible facilitation;
  • Manages facilitation of agricultural land allocation processes (e.g. acquisition and lease) for investors;
  • Manages the development and provision of data base for project planning and management in Agribusiness;
  • Provides technical advice aimed at product quality development and competitiveness in areas of Agricultural services within the Region;
  • Develops management plans and environmental studies for identified agricultural project sites;
  • Facilitates identification of possible funding institutions for agricultural projects;
  • Facilitates enterprises within the Agribusiness sectors with an aim to create, sustain and grow employment opportunities;
  • Facilitates effective implementation of identified agricultural projects;
  • Facilitates product diversity in the agriculture sectors;
  • Provides support for enterprise development in agribusiness (monitors, evaluates and mentors projects);
  • Provides after-care services for SPEDU clients in agribusiness;
  • Facilitates identification of developmental land for agribusiness;
  • Provides user requirements for provision of infrastructure for Agribusiness;
  • Facilitates development of agribusiness land profiles and precinct plans for investment attraction;
  • Ensures optimal utilisation of available agricultural land and infrastructure;
  • Initiates and manages collaboration and partnerships with key stakeholders (SLAs, MoUs);
  • Engages with key stakeholders to expedite service delivery;
  • Manages collaboration with other Departments on areas of common interests (e.g. feasibility studies);
  • Ensures provision of agricultural projects information to internal and external stakeholders;
  • Ensures adherence to documented Stakeholder Engagement Processes for agribusiness;
  • Identifies and coordinates Implementation of agricultural initiatives aimed at stimulating the economy of the SPEDU Region (e.g. Shows and Farmers Days;

Focus Subsectors of Agribusiness

The SPEDU region is characterized by a favourable climatic conditions which favour different agricultural subsectors. The region has fertile soils in some areas and particularly along the river basins. The region is traversed by the Motloutse, Lotsane, Thune, Limpopo and Shashe Rivers. The region is home to Lotsane and Thune Dam which have eight hundred and seventy-three hectares (873 ha) designated for agricultural use (450ha at Lotsane Dam and 423ha at Thune Dam). SPEDU promotes the following subsectors:

  • Horticulture (Vegetables, Fruits, Flowers, Ornamentals and Landscaping);
  • Cereal, legumes and Oils Crops under Irrigation (Maize, Beans, Groundnuts, Jugo Beans);
  • Small stock production (Goats and Sheep);
  • Poultry Production (Broiler, Layers, Guinea fowls and other domesticated birds);
  • Piggery Production;
  • Dairy Production;
  • Aquaculture;
  • Rabbit Production;
  • Beef Production;

Investment Opportunities in Agribusiness

The above subsectors provide the following investment opportunities in Agribusiness:

  • Greenhouse production
  • Aquaculture
  • Food processing
  • Agro-chemical production and supply
  • Seedlings and seed production
  • Agro-equipment manufacture/assembly
  • Food packaging and distribution
  • Transport and logistics
  • Establishment of agricultural service centres and training centres
  • Meat processing
  • Feedlotting
  • Consultancy in Agriculture
  • Pest and Disease Control
  • Plant Nutrition
  • Irrigation equipment supply and system design
  • Borehole siting, drilling, test pumping and equipping
  • Soil and water sampling and analysis
  • Artificial insemination
  • Fodder and livestock feed production
  • Parts supply and equipment servicing
  • Farm structure construction and maintenance
  • Security services
  • Project Financing and insurance

SPEDU Agriculture Facilitated Projects

Contact Person Name of company Project Type Products Telephone Email
J.P Roos J.P Roos Vegetables Vegetable Production Potato Onion Butternuts +267 72840962 jproosvegetables@gmail.com
Darrin Frost Strong Winds Organic Fertilizer Pelleted Chicken Fertilizer +267 71603176 darrinfrost@mts.co.bw
Frekkie Versfeld Vegi Block Vegetable Production Potato Tomato Cabbage Green pepper Water melon +27 82 440 3970, +267 71861742 vegiblock@gmail.com
Lembie Mmereki Tlhalerwa Kwenantle Farmers Cereal and Legume Production Maize Sugar beans Lucerne +267 75836482 lembie.kwenantle@yahoo.com
Jan Hendrik Stiglingh Lucerne Fields Vegetable Production And Livestock Production Beetroots Carrots Butternuts Limousine stud Mixed livestock breeds +267 72591985 jan@lucernefields.ne
Andrew Liversage Seleka Farm Citrus Production Vegetable Production Oranges Green mealies Water melons Butternuts +27 82 070 1368 nicojvv@yahoo.com
Jurgen Schoeman African Ranch Vegetable and Citrus Production Potato Onion Oranges +267 72466063 schoeman@intekom.co.za
Arno De Beer Kwadiwa Ranch Citrus Production Oranges +267 7430255 kwadiwaranch@gmail.com
Jan Van Riet Two Rivers (Broken Hill) Citrus Vegetable Livestock Small stock Oranges Onions Beetroot Brahman stud Sheep Goats +27 82 875 0893
Joseph Choto Richmark Chickens Poultry Production Various cuts of broiler chicken +267 72111465 jchoto@notwanepoultry.co.bw

For further clarification please contact the following:

Contact 1
Maiba Samunzala
Manager: Agribusiness
(+267) 2624317, (+267) 72420829
Contact 2
Lerato Banda Business
Executive: Agribusiness
(+267) 2624326, (+267) 76073453