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The Mining and Beneficiation function exists to cascade BCL Limited Polaris II Projects to enable BCL Limited to focus on key mining and smelting first level beneficiation. SPEDU addresses the development of the downstream and vertical integration opportunities arising from the wider mining and smelting value chain.

Currently, the main project under Mining and Beneficiation is the Sulphuric Acid Capture Plant Waste Stream Beneficiation Project. SPEDU’s role in this project is to unpack the downstream opportunities within this sector.


The Diversification Strategy

The construcion of the Platjaan Bridge project, when complete, would facilitate easy movement of goods and people into Botswana from South Africa while creating jobs locally.

The Selebi Phikwe airport project has also been identified as one of the strategic areas of development in support of the economic diversification drive and the promotion of key economic opportunities such as tourism and other businesses.

The Key Objectives FOr Construction in the SPEDU Region

A model organization driving regional socio-economic development

The preliminary works consist of infrastructure such as electricity for irrigation, roads, water and sewerage services that will provide an enabling environment for the entry of private sector capital and subsequent development of various tourism activities at Letsibogo Dam.

The development and promotion of water-based activities at Letsibogo Dam would also both attract tourists and enhance the amenities of Selebi-Phikwe.

Tourism opportunities could arise from the successful introduction of Tigerfish which are among the most preferred targets for anglers and attract high interest from local, regional and international anglers.

The Platjan Bridge construction project and upgrading the surrounding roads is a strategic diversification initiative resulting from a reciprocal bi-lateral agreement between Botswana and South Africa.

The bridge and the refurbishment of the Selebi Phikwe airport will also serve to link the various tourism clusters in the SPEDU Region Tourism Cluster Corridor which include Tuli Block, the Selebi Phikwe Tourism Cluster, the Tswapong Hills Tourism Cluster, as well as the Dam Tourism Cluster comprising the trilogy of dam based tourism attractions of Letsibogo, Dikgathong and Thune Dams.

The Pula Steel manufacturing and casting project was a private sector initiative supported by SPEDU amongst other planned manufaturing projects.

Within some of SPEDU’S objectives is to increase manufacturing within the region. This initiative should see the creation of jobs and a specialised skill set amongst residents of the region.

Moremi Gorge offers cultural and historical beauty, including first hand experience of the abundant wildlife within the SPEDU region.


Source: Statistics Botswana

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